Monday, March 10, 2008

windows permissions problem (solved)

Yesterday I discovered that users other than myself could not install new software on a shared computer. This was due to not being able to access the "Program Files" folder. The other users all had administrator status but that did not seem to be enough.

It turns out that there is a level of control in windows that only shows up when in safe mode (!). For some reason, only I had full access to the "Program Files" . After booting in safe mode I was able to add full control for the administrators group and this took care of the problem.

Without being in safe mode, I couldn't even diagnose the problem since user/group access settings were not visible. Is there a program that will let me view/edit these settings in normal mode?

I also am curious as to what program changed these settings? Perhaps coLinux/andLinux since these packages have to do some things at a pretty low level and they have the option for file sharing between linux/windows - that's just a guess though.

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