Friday, March 21, 2008

migration to bzr

For several years now, I've been using svn for VC on my personal files. When I upgraded my server to ubuntu gutsy, I started running into some trouble with svn. I could read repositories but was getting database errors when I tried to write to them. Rather than try to figure this out, it seemed like a good time to switch to bzr.

This ended up working pretty well. I used to convert the svn repos to bzr and now remote access works with bzr+ssh. I created a bzr user to manage the repos. At first I forgot to change the repository ownership to bzr so I had some permission problems but these went away upon correctly setting the ownership.

I ended up upgrading my server bzr version from 0.9.0 to 1.2 which seemed to make things run smoother. I'm not sure whether or not the problems that I was seeing were related to the permissions issue or the version though. On windows, I'm currently running 1.3

I still need to do a checksum on binary files to make sure that they came through the transition ok but so far everything seems fine.

Incidentally, I'm also using a root level bzr repo on the server to track changes to config files. So far so good.

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