Wednesday, March 5, 2008

c++ to python communication

My next mini project is to get a c++ program talking to a python program. My expectation is that the solution for this problem will be a networked solution. I want it to be portable of course.

The first candidate is xml-rpc. I've used this in the past with c++ to c++ communication but it was some work to make the implementation that I was using work under windows so I will look for other clients. I'm not sure what I have in the way of alternatives in python but porting should not be an issue there.

After looking around a little at xml-rpc alternatives I found xml-rpc++ ( in sourceforge ) which looks like it might be a better option. The demo is easy to build and seems to work. This is only c++ to c++ code so I need to look into what is needed to make python work as a server.

And it works! Using xml-rpc++ as client and the built in xmlrpc python server I have the two programs talking!

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dehneg said...

Hi Dave,

Can we expect you to share your solution and your code ?