Monday, December 31, 2007

graphics under qt4 on windows

Tried one of the 2d open gl graphics examples on windows and it seems to work fine. On to linux next.

qt4 on windows.

It turns out that Paul Thomas at has posted a very clear and complete how to that tells how to get qt4 working under visual studio. Here is the link:

open gl on windows

I have been wanting to do a couple of little graphics projects and so I thought I would put together a graphics programming environment to work in. I want it to be:

portable ( windows /linux )
open source

With this in mind, I am leaning towards opengl.

First I tried glfw. This worked ok but did not seem to have any convenient way to tack on a user interface.

Now I'm trying qt which ( I believe ) comes with an opengl widget.

The next few posts will tell about my qt experience.