Saturday, June 8, 2013

Installing tiny-tiny-rss (with postrgres database) on a vmware virtual machine running Ubuntu

A couple of days ago I installed a tiny-tiny-rss (tt-rss) server on a vmware virtual machine running Ubuntu. The virtual machine was running on a windows7 host. I also created a url that I was able to use to access the rss server from anywhere.

This was a reasonably straightforward process but along the way I ran into some minor roadblocks, all of which I eventually got past. I'm going to spell out in some detail what steps I went through for the benefit of anyone else who might want to do the same thing.

Although I was using a virtual machine to install my tt-rss server, these steps should work just fine for a normal, non-virtual ubuntu server.  I this work using Ubuntu 13.04 which already has a version of tt-rss available via apt-get.  However I found it easier to work with and configure the newest version of tt-rss from rather than install tt-rss using apt-get.

It's probably not practical to actually run tt-rss on a virtual machine all the time but I did this as much as a learning process as anything else.

Step by Step:

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