Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm using tiddlywiki again. I had used it before but stopped because my data seemed to be getting corrupted. I had (have) backups but didn't want to bother searching for the time of corruption and then dealing with entries past then. I weeded the useful info out and stored it in google notes but was not too happy with that because:

1. I was/am a little concerned about security - not that I had anything of a sensitive nature stored but just the principle of the matter bothers me.

2. I never looked at it. This is more important. I want something that I can double click and *easily* edit. google notes didn't satisfy that need but tiddlywiki does.

So now I'm using tiddlywiki again and my data is under version control and the version control data itself is backed up. This is mostly for speed of access reasons. With the data under version control I can keep my working copy locally. Hopefully it will also help prevent/track corruption problems.

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giffmex said...

Hi Dave

Have you had a look at 'My Notes TW' at our website