Friday, February 22, 2008

searching for free file storage

I'm looking for free file storage. I don't need much space - for now all I want to do is to make some patches publicly available. I tried pasting a patch directly into one of these blog entries but that didn't work due to formatting restrictions ( some things that looked like HTML were rejected).

Tried yahoo briefcase but that didn't allow for free public sharing of files.

Tried xdrive but I wasn't even able to set up an xdrive or an aol account. Probably could have if I kept at it but the fact that account creation seemed to be in poor repair was a bad sign.

Tried Account creation was a breeze but uploading/managing files is very slow and results in blank screens and in fact may never have worked.

Looked at . They want you to log in every 60 days to maintain a free account. I'm going to look elsewhere for now but may come back to this one.

Found this review of online storage sites:

Looked at but their site was very slow - couldn't even register.

Tried out - the best so far. However the one file that I have uploaded has not appeared in my file manager yet. Their page said something about processing time so maybe there is some delay. Going to keep looking for now.

Tried - very nice but does not provide for direct linking to uploaded files. Other than that seems good - fast, easy to use, etc. May come back to this one.

Tried - This one seems perfect! Simple, and fast.

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